Covid-19 has brought more germ education to the forefront of our minds! We are cleaning and sanitizing more than ever before. Its is good to be educated and then implement the small things we can do to kill germs.

We need to keep things simple, and without action we brew fear. If we overly educate ourselves, we can feel overwhelmed, which causes us to over process and can end action. Decide on some simple things you and those around you can do, and DO THEM. Here is a list of things myself and my family have implemented on a daily basis that is helping us put germ safety into routine so we can have other things on the forefront of our minds.

Keeping travel sized hand sanitizer in the car, and using at each car entry

Wearing a mask for in-store quick visits

Making a “landing pad” for anything we bring into the home, weather Amazon delivered it, or we brought it from the store. We have a spray bottle with alcohol and we are spraying things down prior to home entry.

We are tossing our coat or shirt in the wash when we have been inside a store

Just these four things, making routine, have given us space to focus on other things. I will for sure continue with a few of my new habits after this passes just to keep my “getting a cold” risk lower. Why not??

Using a cleaning company like Sparkling Homes, is another great way to get your entire home sanitized at once. Knowing all the germs are dead and gone is a great feeling! We are doing this at no extra cost right now. Please make sure your cleaning company is following all the CDC guidelines. Our company is wearing mask and gloves to protect you and our employees. We come in 1-2 cleaners at a time. We temp check every morning, and we do not begin our day in any office grouping. We communicate through face time and text.