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There are clean homes, and then there are Sparkling Homes

Nobody knows clean like Sparkling Homes founder Victoria El-Zarif. Her dedication, determination, and relentless pursuit of perfection has earned Victoria the nickname “Bellevue’s Queen of Clean.” 

Sparkling Homes started with a simple idea: to offer the highest quality cleaning services, with 100% satisfaction guarantee, at prices every home and business owner can afford.

Q: Why Do Bellevue Home and Business Owners Choose Sparkling Clean?

A: Our Personalized Customer Service + Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


"There's no one quite like you. There is no 'one size fits all' approach to cleaning. Every customer is unique, so every customer's cleaning needs are unique. That's why Sparkling Homes offers custom cleaning services. We focus on what's important to YOU, which ensures complete customer satisfaction every time we clean."

– – Victoria El-Zarif, founder of Sparkling Homes Cleaning Services

We Background Check All Our Staff Cleaners and Other Employees

Have you ever asked the question is there a reliable, trustworthy cleaning service near me? Well you don’t have to wonder anymore, the answer is Sparkling Homes.

At Sparkling Homes, we understand that when a customer invites us into their home or business, they’re not only trusting our company, but they’re trusting our employees too.

Every Sparkling Homes employee is fully background checked, and that includes contacting the references, referrals, and recommendations they give us during the hiring process. Employees are then “booked” into our database so there’s never a question mark when it comes to their identity.

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Industry-Leading Training for All Our Cleaning Technicians

What good is cutting-edge cleaning technology if our employees aren’t trained to use it properly? At Sparkling Homes, our cleaning technicians go through a rigorous training process. When you invite a Sparkling Homes cleaning technician into your home, you’re inviting the best in the business.

To ensure the health and safety of our clients, we require expert-level understanding of all potentially harmful cleaning agents and solutions. Our cleaning technicians are safety certified and qualified to work with heavy-duty cleaners without endangering themselves or our clients.

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Old-School Techniques, Cutting-Edge Technology

At Sparkling Homes, we know that sometimes the oldest ways are the best ways, and sometimes a game-changing technology comes along that can’t be ignored. Instead of getting stuck in the past or blinded by the dazzle of the future, Sparkling Homes focuses on what works best, today.

Harsh chemicals can damage fine fabrics, expensive carpets, imported area rugs, and delicate upholstery. To clean stubborn stains without damaging valuable surfaces, Sparkling Homes employs safe, effective, natural cleaning agents. After all, we wouldn’t want harmful harsh chemicals in our homes, so why would we bring them into yours?

sparkling homes cleaning bellevue washington

Talk To A Real Person. Every Time.

At Sparkling Homes, our goal is to make your life easier, not harder! Instead of making our customers navigate a maze of complicated menus and automated messages, we make it simple. If you want to schedule an appointment to turn your home into a Sparkling Home, all you have to do is call. 

If you want to talk to a real live person to schedule your appointment, just pick up your phone and call (206) 852-6898.

Every time you call Sparkling Homes, a real person will answer your call so you can ask questions, make special requests, make or change appointments, and more. 



Here’s the BEST PART. We clean your house with the same attention to detail that you would.

You’ll like what you see, but you’ll LOVE what you don’t see.

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Sparkling Homes is equipped to serve with trained, experienced, insured and bonded staff. Sparkling Homes Cleaning serves the metropolitan areas of Auburn, Lake Tapps, Seattle, Bellevue and surrounding areas and suburbs with quality facilities as a competitive price. In business for more than fourteen years, Sparkling Homes Cleaning Service is a favorite of many home owners and businesses’. Many of our clients found us by searching House Cleaning Bellevue or House Cleaning Seattle and by seeing our online reviews and awards.

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