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Cleaning Your Bellevue, WA Home Can Be Fun!

Let’s face it, we’re all getting on each others’ nerves. COVID-19 has many homeowners searching for house cleaning near me. And while we believe you should hire the best local cleaning service that provides sanitation and decontamination services, there’s also a lot of ways to have fun cleaning at home. If absence makes the heart grow fonder, being quarantined together has the opposite effect. Sparkling Homes knows you want to keep a clean home. Yet how can I make cleaning the house a fun activity?

Make Cleaning Your House Family Fun for Everyone

Depending on the number and relative age/height/skill-level of the members of your household, you might choose to divide into pairs or teams to make things fair. And of course we all know Mom is a superhero. So get used to handing out handicaps. Encourage ingenuity and creative thinking and discourage cheating. So, to keep things fun and interesting, time each round using a favorite music track or two played as loudly as the neighbors can stand. And then while steam cleaning your home’s carpets and getting rid of upholstery stains sounds fun to us, your kids may not agree. Until now. 

But before you get started with this game, you may want to brush up on the CDC Approved Cleaning techniques for your home. Since there are 8 everyday things that are dirtier than a toilet, it helps to know which areas of your home need the most attention, and which ones you can leave until the next round of cleaning.

Clean Your Home’s Hard Surfaces, Countertops, Kitchen Cabinets, and more

On a white board or large piece of paper, list the specific surfaces that will constitute the field of play. Assign each a number of points based on surface area and relative difficulty. All players will then tour the claimed surfaces and agree on whether to issue penalties for missed spots. The winner gets to enjoy a frosty beverage and heckle while the remaining contestants finish.

This is a good place to stop and assess how each member of your family cleaned. Did Dad follow CDC guidelines for properly cleaning and disinfecting your home. Did the kids clean and disinfect your home, ridding it of nasty bacteria and germs? Did Mom research all the different household cleaners that are approved to kill the COVID-19 virus.

Shampoo, Steam, Clean and Refresh Your Home’s Carpet & Upholstery

Begin this round with a coin-toss, arm wrestling or game of Rock/Paper/Scissors/Lizard/Spock to determine who has to learn the best ways to clean drapery, carpets, and upholstery. Players/teams then divide the carpets, area rugs, soft furniture, vehicle interiors, willing pets, etc. in a way deemed equitable by everyone. The winner gets to keep any loose change and snack foods unearthed from the sofa cushions, while the loser takes out the trash.

Big Messes and Dirty Jobs Are No Problem For Cleaning Superheroes

If there is a clear winner at this juncture, they get the advantage of going first. The first player selects from a predetermined list of the grossest tasks your imaginations can offer up and then issue the next dare. Withdraw from the task, all other players get a 25 point bonus. The winner at the end of this round should earn a boon befitting their efforts and interests.

A Happy Family, A Clean House, A Sparkling Home That’s Safe From COVID-19

Using these ideas as a starting point, your household can make a significant dent in the everyday tasks that the honest among us will admit go ignored all too often among the details of our busy lives. By investing the time and energy to make cleaning fun, you gain valuable bonding time, teach healthy habits, alleviate boredom, boost mood-elevating neurotransmitters, and lighten the load on your weekly cleaning service which means more money in your pocket for prizes like that pet tarantula!